Things To Do Before You Leave For A Vacation

It is exciting when you have a vacation planned. You have the whole trip right down to the last detail, where you are going to go, where you are going stay, where you going to eat, what you will see, who you will meet, what you will buy and everything else that you are going to do on your trip. What all of us forget however, is what you need to do before you leave for a vacation. Trips can be long or short, but the house needs to be prepared before you go. Here are somethings you should never forget to do before you leave on a vacation.

Pay your bills

No one wants to come back to a stack of unpaid bills and the late payment fees because the bills were not paid on time and now you have to pay them with their late payment fees in tow. So pay your bill before you leave, its quite alright if they have not fallen due yet.

Put your mail on hold

If there is a stack of mail in your mail box, it is a green signal for the thieves. They know that there is no one in the house and it is up for grabs. Avoid the unwanted intrusion and out your mail on hold for the period that you are out. You can always collect it once you are back.

Make arrangements for maintenance

If you are planning on leaving for a long period of time, you need to make arrangements for the maintenance of your home. Plants need to be watered, cob web build up needs to be taken care of, etc. There are housekeeping services available that will take care of this for you. Make sure to call them and arrange them to come at regular intervals for home assistant services.

Unplug and turn off the switches

The weather can go bad, water might seep in, why take the chances. Unplug all your appliances and make sure all the switches in your house are turned off. Make a special round of the house just before you leave to ensure this has been taken care of. You do not want to come back to a short circuited appliance or even worse, a burnt down house.

Wash your sheets and laundry

If you have children in the house, there are chances there is a morsel of food lying somewhere on the floor. This over time can cause insects to infest and have a party at the cost of your pretty rug. Call a carpet cleaning service and get a professional clean up just to be sure. It does not hurt to come back to a spick and span house either. Going on a vacation can be super fun and exciting, but coming back to an unkempt house can put a damper on the whole trip. Keep a checklist of things to do before you leave on a trip and you will have it all sorted.